Glympse From a Distance

Thais Bou-Merhi

Glympse is an indie/alternative band, consisting of 4 members in the San Diego area. They are new to the industry and have been playing for about a year. Their goal is to eventually make a living out of this “We truly want to do what we love for a job, which is playing music.” Since Covid-19, the average day has currently changed but they’re making the most of it with FaceTime and still playing/recording music from a distance. The inspiration behind their music is a mix of 60s-80s style, Jazz fusion, and synth-heavy music. They would describe their music style as a dreamy synth layers, orchestral-esque guitar, with moody chord progressions similar to “Dream-pop” and “Bedroom-pop”.  Glympse has yet to play at a music festival but would love to start out at either Beach Goth or Dessert Daze but eventually reach Glastonbury in the UK.

We asked Glympse a few questions about their experience in the music industry and this is what they expressed to Chill Media Group.

 What have you learned from the music industry so far?

"Honestly, just be true to yourself and always be genuine because if you’re faking anything it’s just weird and it’ll eventually eat at you" - Nate

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

There’s a lot one could go into about this that. It could be good or bad. More simply put in relation to our band, I think the way the music business is set up right now is pretty beneficial to a band that’s just starting out like us. All it takes is a message or a link to get someone to hear your music which is much more immediate than shopping around for label interest or having an A&R rep spot your band at a show by lucky chance. You can record a song in your bedroom and have people listening to it on the internet the next day. Overall, it’s made it a lot easier to do things DIY and also connect to people from all over the world. - Stefan

What’s next for you?

"Super excited for our next single “pleasantries” to drop as well. We just finished recording it and its sounding awesome." - Moe

 What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least?

"My favorite part would be playing live shows because of the energy and spontaneous expression when on stage. My least favorite part would be hauling my drums around." - Paul

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