Audrey Delivers Tacolicious Energy at First L.A. Show

Dylan Fleming

Is she a rapper, a singer, or just an all around talented performer? These are the questions I’m left with after catching the first L.A. performance from Audrey. 20 year-old Audrey Chu is a Korean American singer/songwriter based in New Jersey signed to Artista Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Draped in all white with a black mesh vest, sporting silver jewelry around her neck and wrist, Audrey takes the stage at The Mint. She is playful, with strong stage command at the same time. You can tell that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, as her bio on Spotify simply reads “I only poop naked.” 

Inspired by a few eclectics like Sade, Nina Simone, and Travis Scott, Audrey’s lone dream collaboration is to work with John Yuyi. 

Audrey knows how to connect with the local crowd as she states after her opening song, “I love the tacos in L.A.! As soon as I got off the plane I ate some! Tacos are super cheap out here, like six for 10$!” 

Her set was comprised of her soulful ballads like “Time” and ”Party.” She of course performed sweet trap bangers like “Honeypot” and “Soufflé.” My personal favorite was “Comic Sans” for its industrial sounding trap beat. Although Jack Harlow was not present to rap his verse the same energy was still felt.

Audrey was generous enough to stick around to take pictures with fans, pass out stickers, after her set, and one lucky fan even caught a customer designed t-shirts. 

We caught up with Audrey after the show to ask her a few things.

Chill Indie

Tell me what you’re all about and what you brought to the stage tonight!


Anal! Nah I’m kidding. I love tacos. First L.A. show I’m so surprised people are smiling at me while I performed and I’m really appreciative that they brought the energy. And it’s just kind of like a ‘hey, I’m Audrey nice to meet you’

And that’s just what this young artist did. Her L.A. live performance was truly a glimpse at a star in the making. When asked what her plans were for 2020, Audrey simply replied telling us that they are to “Quit drinking diet coke, and maybe drop an album”