ALBUM REVIEW: Eyedress- Let’s Skip to The Wedding

Dylan Fleming

Filipino musician Idris Vicuña, professionally known as Eyedress has a refreshing style of indie-rock and lo-fi vibes demonstrating this on his remarkable new album Let's Skip to the Wedding. This release on, Lex Records Ltd, has 19 songs covering an array of emotions revolving around the topic of love.

The lo-fi overall tone of the album provokes a lot of 80s post-punk nostalgia. This is particularly evident on songs like "Can I See You Tonight?" The same can be said for Eyedress' soft vocals, which gel well with the aggressive guitar riffs. His overall post-punk sound characterizes the album in a way that is quite harmonious. Skateboarders will love this album not only because of the 2nd track "Skateboarding Day," but also for the uptempo rugged energies on songs like "I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend" and "Jealous." The song that stands out the most is "X-Girl" for its psychedelic synths and steady drum pattern. "Never Been to Prom" is another noteworthy moment of nostalgia, when Eyedress' high pitch vocals match the break-beat so well making it a bit reminiscent of Prince. Towards the end of the album, the slow jam "Pick up Your Phone" hits with somber moments of desperation with auto-tuned vocals and funky synths, tuning in for such a pivotal moment of the relationship.