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Who are we?

Chill Media Group is a music platform based in South Florida. We promote and expose new upcoming artists. Chill media group was created as an outlet to discover new music with a wide variety of genres. We typically work with upcoming artists and bands as well as international artists.  Since launching Chill Media Group we have gained a loyal social media following. This allows us to share our love for music with the world. Our passion is to make the unknown music talent known. We strive to share the power of music with the world through our services.

We currently have three social media accounts catered to our favorite genres on Instagram such as Chill Rap, Chill techno, and Chill Indie. We have had the pleasure to work with some of our favorite bands/ artists through our photography and videography service. Through our Youtube account, we seek to give our followers an insight into our work with other artists, concert experience, interviews and so much more. Therefore, we strive to stay true to our followers and bring them up to date with the latest information on upcoming concerts, music, and festivals.

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